8 Questions You Should Absolutely Never Have When You’re With Your Forever Person

Rachael Gorjestani

1. Is he honest with me?

Honesty is one of the pillars of a relationship. Your forever person will tell you exactly what is true and not what you want to hear. He’s not afraid to tell you the truth. If you’re being stubborn or just being an irrational girlfriend, especially when he’s pissed at you. If that girl from work asked him for lunch or if he finds her cute. If you are with your forever person you would never have to question his honesty

2. Is this going to work?

Relationships take patience and your dedication. You would never have to question if your relationship is going to work because it will. Because you and him will always find a way to compromise and work. He knows that relationships are hard work. You have to work hard for it every day. There are no breaks. There is no short cut.

3. Where are we heading?

You would never have to question where your relationship is going because you know in your heart that it’s going somewhere. Somewhere beautiful and amazing. He has plans for your future together. He makes it a point to talk about your future together. Where are you both going to live when you get married? How many kids do you want and how will you two handle all the emotional, financial and mental strains of a relationship.

4. Is loving him worth it?

He is. Every bit of him is worth it. You know that by heart and soul and you’ll never have to question it. He is worth every pain, every argument, and every petty issue. He is worth the bashing and the hate from his ex. He is worth the judgments of people who don’t know how to distinguish the truth from the rumor. He is worth it and you know it.

5. Is this going to be different from the previous relationships I had?

Yes it is, and you noticed the signs too. He is committed to you and to your relationship. He is mature. He knows that problems are made to be solved. He talks about the things that really matter and ignore the ones that don’t. He is not an asshole. He loves her mother and respects her. How a man treats his mother tells you everything that you need to know. Notice the signs.

6. Why does he hurt me?

Your forever person would never ever hurt you intentionally. Sure, there are fights and as emotional human being as we are (women) you will get hurt. But there’s the line we should draw, between hurting you intentionally and the pain that comes from loving a human. Your forever person would never ever hit you. He will never use his hands to hurt you, or his tongue to insult you or disrespect you. He knows the fine line between saying what he feels and degrading a woman.

7. Does he really love me?

He loves you just like his family. He respects you a lot. He loves you, every weird quirk of you. He loves how you randomly talk about anything. He loves your messy hair and your clumsiness. And, you love him too. He says he loves you verbally and by actions. He is a true gentleman, he carries your bag. He offers to pay for your food when you needed it the most. He takes care of you when you’re sick. He randomly reaches out for your hand when he’s driving. He doesn’t just say it, he show it.

8. Will he support me?

Your forever person is not insecure. He is sure of himself. He knows what he wants in life. He doesn’t let his ego define him. He is willing to support you every time you needed his support. He wants you to be happy and if achieving your dreams is going to make you happy, he will gladly offer any help you need. He’s not going to tell you to stop dreaming, he will let you dream the impossible dreams and help you achieve it and together you will share the dreams you have.

Love doesn’t come with package, not everything you want for a partner is going to be there. You don’t need a perfect partner. You need a person, that imperfectly perfect person that is going to be your shield, home and light. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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