In 2017 Stop Giving Yourself To Other People

Jiří Wagner
Jiří Wagner

This 2017, stop giving them your 100%.

Stop giving the people around you 100%. Stop being available to those people who only needs you when it is convenient for them. Stop replying to their messages when they can’t even respond to yours. Stop doing those thoughtful things when they can’t even say thank you. Stop giving them your everything, your self and your soul.

This year, 2017. Start giving yourself some credit. Start giving yourself your 100%. Laugh at your own jokes, give yourself gifts, give yourself time.

Time to heal, time to be free, time to travel, time to enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself, read a book alone in a coffee shop.

Chase your dreams, achieve your goals one by one. Be a doctor, or a writer or whatever you want to be.

Do the things you want, the things that are good for you and your soul.

Look at the stars at night, sing your happy song, dance in the shower, appreciate your body, your scars, your tears, your laugh, your hair, everything about you.

Because in the end, as the saying goes “even your shadow leaves you in the darkness.” Not everyone will stay, not everyone will reciprocate your efforts and love the small things about you.

So, please this 2017.

Love yourself more than ever.

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