Read This When You’re So Heartbroken You Feel Like You’ll Never Move On


“I’m heartbroken.”

What do you do when someone, who is close to your heart, texts you those exact words? What do you do when you pick up the phone and you can hear the voice of someone, who you deeply care about, cracking on the other line? What do you do when you can hear their heart breaking from the way that they are communicating? Think to yourself. What do you do when you hear those words? How do you react? Does it bring you back to a time in your life when you were “heartbroken?” Do you wish that you could heal their pain? Does your heart hurt for theirs? Do you think about what you can tell them to make them feel better? Is there anything that you can even say to make them feel better?

It’s painful. Isn’t it? You want to tell them everything that you can so that they can feel better. But, you can’t find the right words. Maybe you can’t find the right words because you know that nothing you say will help them feel better. Maybe you know that there are no right words. So, instead, you proceed to tell them that “it will be okay” because those words are the only words that you can think of at the moment. Also, you know that it will be okay. But, you don’t know how or when. You just know that it will be okay.

You’re right. It will be okay. They will be okay. You know this firsthand. Don’t you?

Maybe you knew the right words all along. It just felt like you didn’t at that specific moment. Maybe those words were just hard to say to them at that specific moment. Maybe the heart never gets broken. Think about the strength of your heart. Think about everything that your heart has been through. Think about the wars that it has fought: with itself and with others. Think about the love that it has carried, even though it was, at times, too heavy for your body to hold. Think about the love that it has felt. Think about the love that it has given. Also, think about the pain that it has carried.

If you really think about it, your heart can’t be broken.

Your heart is strong. It has felt even the greatest pain: the pain of losing someone you love. It felt like your world was ending. Yet, your heart kept beating. It kept loving. You will do more bad than good to yourself if you form walls around your heart and block it from beating loudly. You will do more bad than good to yourself if you call your heart, broken. You will do more bad than good to yourself if you think that your heart is no longer able to love.

With time, you will see that you will be able to love even more than you were previously able to. You just can’t give up on your heart. It needs you. Just like you need it. I hope that you remember that your heart can’t be broken, no matter how much pain you are in at the moment. Keep holding on. Keep fighting for your heart. Keep fighting for love. TC mark


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