I Still Believe In You, God

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I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out that there isn’t, than to live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is.” -Albert Camus

I know that we can’t prove that God exists. But, by that logic, we can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, either. I am not writing these words so that you read this and think that you are wrong if you don’t believe in God. I am not writing these words to make you believe in something that you don’t. I am writing these words because, perhaps, someone out there believes in God, but is feeling isolated, alone, and disconnected lately. I am writing these words for the people who feel like they need to be reminded that believing in God, even though there is no physical proof, is still okay.

We are living in a society where we can find out anything in a matter of seconds. All we have to do is get our phones or computers, go on the internet, go to a search engine, and type in the question that we need answered. We are then given many different options. Therefore, we get things fast and we have options to choose from, more than ever before in history. A consequence of this is that when we don’t get answers fast, we tend to lose patience. We tend to forget about that topic and move on to the next interesting thing that is obtained through an easier method.

We are living in a time where we think that the human mind is capable of figuring everything out. Many of us tend to think that answers need to be derived from logic. If we are not able to see something, then many of us don’t believe in it.

We need proof and we need it fast. We believe in time because we can see the hands of a clock tick. We know that there is an ocean because we can see the waves and its beauty. We know that there is a sky because we can see the pretty blue, the clouds, and the stars at night. We know that there is a moon because we can see the light it makes in the dark. We know that there is a sun because it blinds us when we look directly at it. We know that there are humans because we can look in the eyes of another or in the mirror to see ourselves.

Where does this leave God?

How you answer that question is up to you, but I will tell you mine. Humans are flawed. In turn, this means that the human mind is flawed. We don’t understand our minds fully. In fact, Socrates, one of my favorite philosophers, once said that, “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.” In other words, we are incapable of knowing everything

I can’t always be certain of what I think, but I am certain of what I feel. I know what my heart feels, and I know that I feel God in my heart. I feel God when I am sad. I feel God when I am happy. I feel God working through me when I feel like I have no strength. I feel God whenever I love.

Thank you for being there when I did not understand much around me. Thank you for getting me through my hardest times. Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for keeping me alive. For me, that is proof enough. I still believe in you, God. TC mark

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