I Hope You Choose To Love Again

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But I’m tired of love.”

I’ve heard this said so many times by so many different people. This statement isn’t made only about the romantic kind of love. It is made about any kind of love that leaves your being: your heart, your mind, and your soul. 

I hope you remember that it is okay to get tired from time to time. It can happen when love is placed in the wrong hands. Hands, that will not appreciate the love that you give. Hands, that will try to crush the love that leaves you. Hands, that are consistently taking and never giving any kind of love back. These hands can make you feel tired of love. And, I don’t blame you. These feelings come with being human. Our minds are powerful and can doubt what we are capable of—too often.

As a result, I have seen people give up on love for different reasons. Some want to protect themselves. Some don’t want to get hurt anymore. Some don’t want to go through the motions all over again only to end up right at the start. Others put all of their walls up and refuse to let anyone in again. Whatever the case is, they make a decision to give up on love.

If you are in this position and are reading this, I hope that you change your mind.

I hope that you choose love again and again and again, no matter what has happened to you in your past. Don’t give up on it. Your entire being is composed of it.

I know that you are scared that you will become drained. I know that your heart feels empty right now. But I want you to remember that it is anything but empty. Your heart is filled with so much love because you were capable of giving and giving and giving and not receiving anything in return. Your heart was and is so strong that you were and still are able to give so much love to different people and not expect anything in return.

It is time that you get love from others too. But remember, no matter how much we give, no matter how much love bleeds from our hearts, we will never run out of loveThought Catalog Logo Mark

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