7 Signs You’re Destined To Be A Writer


Writing is not for the faint of heart. It’s an infection that begins little, and suddenly you’re walking through the mall thinking in third person practicing narration skills with strangers walking by.

Yet still, not all of us are so willing to dive into the notion that we should be at the pen and paper. You don’t choose the love of writing, love of writing chooses you.

Here are seven surprising ways that show you might be suppressing your inner creative:

1. You get lost in your thoughts often. Often meaning – every day. No shame in creating an entire detailed storyline of a random girl who came from a tragic background before lunch.

2. Going into a bookstore is like going home. Buying a new book is a commonplace in your life, as well as an equally invigilating moment. You’re almost nervous to start the next book in your series – what if it lets you down? Or the author decides to kill off that favorite insignificant character of yours?

3. Certain ideas strike you at the most random of times. Driving in the car, taking a shower, in the middle of the night. When it does, you know you have writer’s jolt. How many times has a napkin been an impromptu notebook? Thank God for the thick ones that don’t bleed ink.

4. You critique other’s speech, texting, or writing like you’re the next Editor in Chief of The New York Times. Does she know that a comma is a pause, not a placeholder for a 67-word question?

5. A blank page or a blinking cursor is both thrilling and frustrating. Where to start?

6. Going through synonyms is like a treasure hunt: you never finish without finding at least one new word. 27 synonyms for angry? Definitely using “indignant” next time.

7. Writing brings you a peace of mind that nothing else can. Writing scares you. You are at your peak when you begin to write. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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