This Is What It Means To See Angel Numbers What Kind Of Guidance They Can Bring To Your Life

Have you ever been running late, and look at the time out of disorderly stress and see “4:44” or maybe “2:22?” What about “000” on a barcode? Or “999” during an advertisement on T.V? These happenings are not completely out of the ordinary, although it does seem a bit suspicious that these numbers are appearing in three’s, continuously…right? Believe it or not, viewing triple numbers does have meaning, but whether that meaning plays a role in your life is up to you.

Let me first start out by stating that I am not a “spiritual guru” nor am I medium or anything of the sorts. I would not describe myself as religious and I am no expert, despite my growing thirst for knowledge of otherworldly aspects. I simply became curious as to why I was seeing specific numbers in various settings continuously. Turns out, it was not a coincidence. If you are not a spiritual or religious person, that’s alright! Witnessing these numbers could be the sign to start soul searching, or maybe this aspect of spirituality does not serve you and that is okay as well. No pressure from any angle here.

Angel numbers, also referred to as “divine numbers,” are three (or more) of the same numbers with a message or meaning behind them, being revealed to you by angels of guidance on “the other side.” The repetition of the numbers clue us into their meaning and how deep their meaning runs. If “angels” cause discomfort, it can equally be defined as messages from the Collective Unconscious/the Source/God/the Universe, etc.

It is up to you to decide if they are meaningful towards your life or not.

My curiosity lead me to “research,” and what I found proved to be extremely interesting. Various sources will provide various interpretations of these numbers, but the underlying theme or main message of all definitions remains the same. Luckily, it is up to you to decide if they are meaningful towards your life or not. In other words, if the definitions of these numbers do not resonate with you in the moment that you see them, this spiritual practice may not be for you, or it may just “not be that deep.” Oftentimes, it’s just not that deep. Your intuition during the current situation in which you see them will help you decide if it is meaningful or not. With this being said, it should also be made clear that logically speaking, it is unrealistic to build the foundation of your life or beliefs on numbers you come across “randomly.” Divine numbers are meant to be a tool that may or may not benefit you and your life, the answer lies in your gut instinct.

Divine numbers are extremely interesting and beneficial, especially if the advice given is heeded. For example, I oftentimes find relief when I see the number “555” because I think of its definition “you’re thinking about your future a lot and this is a time not to stress.” It provides relief and eases my nerves throughout the day. On the flip side, occasionally I will become anxious when I see the number “333” because it could mean “your prayers are being answered.” Because of the connections between your thoughts/prayers and these numbers, I worry that maybe my not so good thoughts are being manifested. This could (and has been) the case but it is not always. Potentially it is an opportunity to do some thought realignment work, which oftentimes done in cognitive-behavioral theory. In any case, divine numbers create the space to connect with our Universe, focus on the quality of our thoughts, and stay grounded in the moment.

Angel Numbers and Their Meanings


– a message of love from the Universe/Source telling you that you are loved and in alignment with your path

– you have an extremely strong connection with universe/source


– be aware of your thoughts and whether they are positive or negative

– your thoughts are becoming manifested


– represents peace and harmony (either you seek it or it is present)

– you may be pushing yourself too hard; trust and have faith


– your prayers have been answered

– represents growth


– your angels are with you currently


– going through or will be going through very big, positive changes (the more you see it, the bigger the change)

– you’re thinking about your future a lot and this is a sign not to stress


– the encouragement that you need when you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities because you think that you are not good enough

– actually passing up experiences because you believe you are not good enough

– pay attention to the quality of your thoughts because they are simply misaligned


– you are on the right track/your hard work is paying off

– invites you to learn and grow (usually spirituality)


– create balance in your life; universe is on your side with your plans


– symbol of completion; a new chapter starting

Remember to pay attention to how you’re feeling in the moment that you see them, and where you are in your life as well. It is crucial to remember that there are various definitions and ultimately you decide what is and what is not beneficial in this aspect. The definitions above are a result of my personal journey for answers. There are definitions for all numbers, from “2” to “212” and beyond. If divine numbers resonate with you, then I would recommend doing some research of your own to find what resonates with you. The definitions above are what I have found to be true to be in my life and in my research, and I hope they can be helpful towards other’s lives, or at least this can be a step towards answers for you as well.

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