Migos’ Point Of View On Homosexuality Is Absurd AF

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Let’s not stand on ceremony here: saying you like gay people but then saying how being gay somehow tarnishes your legacy or makes you less real, does in fact mean you don’t like gay people. It’s what some would call a “contradiction.” I say some because most would call it “bullshit.”

This is the lesson Migos will hopefully learn today as word spreads of their interview in Rolling Stone in which they told the world they’re none too thrilled with iLoveMakonnen being gay. The reason is puzzling to say the least because it just doesn’t make sense. See, according to them, Makonnen’s trap lifestyle and love of drugs somehow meant he couldn’t be gay and the fact that he undermines his credibility in their very narrow eyes. Quavo went as far to say it’s “wack.”

Reading this caused me to do an actual spit take. It’s so funny it has to be fake right? I mean, the excerpt from the interview reads like a parody or a line of dialogue from Idiocracy.

Look, most of us know a person’s sexuality is still a hot topic in America. Some of us are for it, some of us are against it, and some of us just don’t care. All three members of Migos are entitled to their opinions just like anyone else. But what bothers me is the contradictory nature of what they said and the ignorance behind it. Being gay doesn’t preclude you from participating in any type of activity, legal or illegal. They took it a step further by admonishing the people who sent Makonnen their support, saying “the world is fucked up” and “the world is not right.” Again, you can’t tell me you have no problem with a gay person but then wave a finger at me for supporting that person. I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt for being kids since two-thirds of the group are in their mid 20s while Takeoff’s 22. At this point, school is no longer in session.

I keep flexing my brain to think of a smarter way for them to have handled the situation besides the obvious one of just not saying anything. Or maybe not sounding like a caricature of a bigoted television character by actually saying “the gays.” Other than that, I’m not sure how they should’ve walked this tightrope. There’s a way to show your support for a guy you’ve recorded with while not being completely supportive of his sexual orientation. There’s a way to avoid the subject entirely and just not put your foot in your mouth. What you don’t do is give people a reason to look at you funny and question why you feel someone is not allowed to do the same things you do. On top of that, you don’t ponder about their “realness” just because they’re gay.

By their logic, that extends to everything. Maybe they should just write a list of things gay people shouldn’t do that way we can all be clear on what’s wack and what’s not. If I get robbed by someone on my way home, their sexual orientation doesn’t change the fact I just got jacked and no longer have any money. The robbery would still be real and I’d still be incredibly pissed. What if it turns out their doctor is gay and that same doctor happens to cure them of some sickness? Does the sickness disobey the treatment, the medicine, and the science all in the name of standing up to this “wack” doctor? Nah.

I’m terrible with numbers but according to a somewhat recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article, 4.2 percent of Atlanta’s population identifies themselves as members of the LBGT community. Two years ago, that was one of the largest in the country and it’s a good bet that number has only increased. I’d say it’s a fair assumption they know plenty of gay people, even if they don’t know they know them. Makonnen was the first they heard of but he damn sure won’t be the last.

But this is what happens when people wrongly compare you to The Beatles and the world decides to give you the crown. That same world they say is “not right.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

An earlier version of this article mentioned members of Migos were in their mid to late twenties. That’s been corrected.

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