Destiny Came Out Yesterday. Enjoy your Racist Video Game, You Racists


Back in June I did my part to raise awareness about Destiny, a piece of racist propaganda in the guise of a much-anticipated video game. That game was released yesterday, unleashed on an unknowing populace like digital chemtrails. My piece "The Upcoming Xbox Video Game Destiny Is Racist Propaganda" was unsuccessful in its mission to prevent the spread of Bungie’s evil corporate ideology.

When the article was published I made sure to follow it up with a bold tweet, taking the fight to the bigots themselves, Bungie. I underestimated them, watching in horror as counter-propaganda started in the comments of the very article itself. People called me stupid. One guy said he hoped I would get "fucked by a cactus." I was even called the N-word in a email. I wonder how much money Bungie shelled out to pay all those corporate shills to attack me. With a budget of $500 million, Destiny is the most expensive video game ever made. When you’re dealing with that sort of cash, what’s another million to pay some trolls to have them discredit and threaten their critics?

Sadly, the violent attack on my article worked and the #canceldestiny movement never caught on. But despite the fact that Destiny‘s bigoted message is currently spreading worldwide, we can still do our part to raise consciousness and start a dialogue with people about why they should boycott the game and publicly shame anyone who buys it.

The game’s racist undertones are there for anyone who is willing to see them. The name "Destiny" is obviously a reference to "Manifest Destiny." Gamers are forced to play as a character from one of three races, with no option for a mixed-race character. The game’s disparate races vie for supremacy toward establishing one of the races as the victor, the supreme race. We should point these facts out whenever possible. They may have money and well-paid mouthpieces working against us, but we have the truth on our side.

Since my original piece was published, the creators of the game have upped the ante on their racism. Take a look at the limited edition versions of the game, specifically the version that comes bundled with a PlayStation 4 system. It’s not a regular black PS4. No, that would be too compassionate. Instead, it’s a white one with a white controller—and not just white, it’s called the "Glacier White bundle." I guess regular old white wouldn’t be pure enough for them. They had to go full-on Nordic just to shame anyone with a drop of melanin.

Destiny was created to appeal to our worst demons. It’s no coincidence that the game is full of guns when we live in a culture that’s positively obsessed with firearms and refuses to do anything about gun control. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that the game is also designed to appeal to the millions of secret racists hiding in their bedrooms, hurling racial epithets at each other through their gaming headsets. It’s clear as day to anyone with half a brain.

It’s too late to stop Destiny from being released, but it’s not too late for us to realize our own destiny of ending video game racism once and for all. Social justice demands it.

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