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10 Things E-Books Should Borrow From Television

Shows, even great shows, get canceled by the networks. We should be able to cancel books as well. If readers stop being interested by chapter six, there’s little reason for the writer to keep slogging away.

The Full Catalog Of My Journalistic Wrongdoings

I fabricated a skirmish when I was stationed in Iraq. I feel bad about this one. Speaking of video games, the troop I was covering would play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on slow days, inviting myself and a few of the other “cool” reporters into the gaming tent.

A Celebrity Memoir Ghostwriter’s FAQ

In his or her spare time, your ghostwriter writes other more personal things, which obviously don’t pay the bills. Never under any circumstances should you read your ghostwriters “literary” work, or you will begin to toe the depressing gulf between art and commerce your ghost is trapped inside.

Game Shows Inspired By The Writings Of Malcolm Gladwell

Ira Glass, in his first turn as game show host, has been selected for his broad curiosity and self-effacing charm. In focus groups, he tested well with intellectuals, Boomers, hipsters, Jews, Midwesterners and, surprisingly, tween girls. America, you will not believe how cute he looks hosting this show…