I Cannot Wait For Your Impeachment, Mr. President

Crowds protesting the President
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Although I did not vote for you, the respect I have for the democratic principles of this country forces me to recognize you, yes you, as my president.

Admittedly, referring to you as such is not something I do with pride. Instead, it’s a shameful act that tortures the soul and often leaves me questioning the righteousness of our current electoral rules.

As a college graduate with a political science degree, I am aware that most political decisions, whether through elections or legislation, carry with it, in some form, unintended consequences.

However, with you President Trump, there are no unforeseen consequences. Rather you are the racist, narcissistic, homophobic, leader you told us you would be.

As I read articles detailing the erraticness of the infant stages or your presidency and listen to your abusive and sophomoric attacks on the media, I am reminded just how unfit you are to be the leader of the free world.

As the breaking news ticker flashes on the bottom of the screen alerting viewers of an ousted or resigning member of your entourage, I am certain you are mentally incapable of being our Commander In Chief.

But, the more I listen to minorities and members of the LGBTQ community, people like me, discuss your intolerance, lack of compassion, and messages of hostility, and the more tweets I read of you degrading and belittling women, I have come to understand how effectively you’ve weaponized fear and mobilized hate.

The cliché phrase, “this is as bad as it gets,” has become synonymous with your presidency, yet you routinely prove that things can get worse.

Worse like Charlottesville, Virginia. You know the place where you own one of the largest wineries in the country? It also happens to be the place where whitesupremacists and neo-Nazis marched freely in the streets shooting poisonous bullets of hateful words.

At a time where millions of Americans turned to you, our Chief of State, for guidance and inspiration, you betrayed us by failing to condemn their acts. But how foolish are we to trust that you, yes you, are capable of deciphering right from wrong?

Mr. President, at first I thought you were a joke. Now I have come to realize that there is nothing comical about you. Your temperament, irrationality, and inadequate knowledge of this country’s history, this country’s politics, and this country’s culture are alarming.

Your inability to listen is more troublesome than your shortcomings as an orator. And your questionable moral and ethical values are terrifying.

I knew that the sweet days of yes we can, hope over fear, and change we can believe in would not last forever, but I did not foresee the bitter dark clouds of misogyny, bigotry, and discrimination on the horizon.

Our country is starting to mimic the pages of the history books I read during my social studies days. I’m not referring to the ones of freedom and inclusion, rather the ones of despair and dread.

Mr. President, good luck in your remaining tenure. I hope the chatter of impeachment morphs into action and I am optimistic that one day soon you will learn the difference between the symbolisms of a Robert E. Lee and George Washington statute. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marco is a Litigation Paralegal, writer, and Libra.

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