To The Guys Who Lose Interest Once They Get What They Want

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For all the guys that have worked and will work tirelessly to earn my attention and affection, only to walk away and lose interest once you have it, I thank you.

I’m thankful you’re motivated and so dedicated to your agenda. You’re the guy who swoops in to save girls like me from their last heartbreak. And by girls like me, I mean a woman who has high standards, is not easily conquered but once she is, she is loyal and loves too hard. But you know this and you’re going to chase it, that’s partly why you want me so bad. I’m glad that you do because you should.

But let’s be honest, you really want me because you like what you see and like what I seem to stand for. You don’t even know anything about me yet and what makes me tick, but you’re going to find out so you can say you had me. I know all of the work ahead of you that you’re going to put in just because you’re desperate to get off from me and get off on yourself for being able to.

You’ll study me, listen intently and sympathize with everything I tell you about what the others did and what you’re about to do to me too. You’ll say you’re not like that and would never do the same and that I deserve more because I am far too valuable. I am.

We’ll laugh in the car on crazy rides home. You’ll put on the song I want to hear and we’ll both know every word. We’ll both be excited about what could happen when we get home. And at that moment, I’ll look at you and know that this high is temporary. I’ll tell myself to remember it.

I know you won’t find anyone else like me. You will tell me this all the time, but you don’t truly know this yet.

I won’t be sure what I even want from you, but I’ll like the attention. I’ll be weary at first and recognize your type of bull shit. But if your place in my life and your consistency continues, I’ll start to believe you. I’ll trust you when you show up on time and as planned. I’ll start texting you just as much as you text me and your “How is your day beautiful?” messages will stop annoying me. I’ll say good morning back and I’ll like all your posts. I’ll think of you when I see something funny and tell you about it and you’ll do the same. And just like that, I will think I’ve broken you. I’ll tell myself I’ve got you right where I want you because I do.

You’ll sense my investment and you’ll shoot your shot at having me the only way you want me. And I’ll let you, but not because you look good or because you are good, but because I’m hungry for what you’re feeding me. I know I am a prize so I’m going to reward you for your effort. And we’ll both be satisfied with this exchange for a while.

I’ll lose my luster soon enough when it’s time for you to live up to my expectations. And I know when this is coming in a timely fashion. You’ll start to withdraw because you know the real you never really wanted to live up to anything. Or maybe you thought you did, at first, but aren’t really up for the challenge because I’m not new anymore.

You won’t realize that all the girls you have lined up behind me will be new too but become old just as quickly as I did. And I’m going to be new to all the others waiting in line behind you. They’re going to feel the excitement you did in the beginning, while you’re still looking for what excited you about me in someone that doesn’t have it, just because she’s new.

I know your type because you’re predictable. You’ll tell yourself that I’m just not that special as your interest fades. The problem is you’re confusing your interest with your desire to feel better about yourself. And clearly, I am special if I can make a person like you feel good about yourself.

I’m thrilled that you can validate yourself by snagging a girl like me. You should feel privileged that you could. I’m happy to set the standard for you to compare all your basic girls to come to. They’ll never reach it. I love that after you leave me, you’re going to search for my qualities in others that you don’t even realize you’re aching for.

I am grateful that because you’re shallow, instead of keeping the good thing you have, you’ll still chase what you think makes you look good having.

I know that you won’t leave because I don’t have what you need, you’ll leave because you’re the guy who doesn’t find the need once he gets what he wants. And I’m thankful that because of that, you will give me what I need, a glimpse into just how unworthy you are and a little lesson about why even though I’m going to lose you, I’m not going to be the one missing out.

To the men who lose interest once they get what they want, for that I thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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