This Is The Beauty In Finding Your Chosen Family

Ethan Hu / Unsplash

Whether or not you have been fortunate enough to experience the charm of unconditional love, security and acceptance in traditional family dynamics, the opportunity to choose and create those spaces with people outside of your bloodline is abundant. Queer this shit up!  Love fiercely and plenty. Embrace the gift of community.

Never force a connection. What is meant to be will always flourish with time. It is a blessing to have family; those that you trust with your secrets, vulnerabilities, dreams, and passions. Blood will always make you related, but sometimes it is not practical to pursue those connections. Be intentional with your energetic investments. What is not in alignment need not be, right now. Life is always flowing. Life is always changing– ending and beginning again every moment.

Maintaining healthy connections is not only possible, it is necessary in order to thrive. Let your light be the guide to your tribe. These people can be found at major checkpoints in your development– along your unique path. Only there will you come across the souls who have agreed prior to reincarnation to partner with you in this life. You have already chosen them, and they have already chosen you. Now, here, in the third dimension, you can choose to make it true. Be an active co-creator of your reality and fill yourself and your life with as much love as possible.

The key is to be your truest version. When you need to take space. Please, do so, unapologetically. When it is time for you to grow. Please, do so, unapologetically. When it is time to end a connection. Please, do so, unapologetically. When it is time to reflect. Please, do so, unapologetically.

There is tremendous beauty in choosing your family. There is abundant joy in realizing your tribe. There is adventure in exploring new connections. There is peace in unity. There is love everywhere waiting to be shared. TC mark


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