16 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump

I am here to prove to you that Taylor Swift would make a better president than Donald Trump.
Shutterstock / BAKOUNINE and Andrew Cline
Shutterstock / BAKOUNINE and Andrew Cline

1. Trump would not be small-business-friendly.

Trump owns a number of large businesses and if he was elected president we couldn’t trust if he would do what he could to help small businesses instead of his friends on the top. He has been involved with a number of large businesses for a long time, and it would be impossible for him to not favor them over the little guys. In a number of Superman stories, his archenemy Lex Luthor, is elected president, and as a result he had to dissolve his standings in LexCorp (The largest corporation in the world). If I trust a fictional super villain more than you that is not a good thing. #Luthor2016

2. Trump would not protect immigrants.

We have all heard what he said about Latino immigrants. Almost 20% of Americans have some Latino heritage. If a potential candidate for the presidency of the United States is willing to write off 1/5 of our people with a racist statement then he does not want to be their president. Trump wants to be a president for the people similar to him. Sorry everyone else.

3. Trump would not be well-spoken.

Sure the President of the US does not have to be a wizard when it comes to speaking, but they can’t use the vulgar language that we all know Trump loves. Remember the feuds with Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Seth Meyers, and Jerry Seinfeld? There are over a dozen more names I could add to this list, and Trump mostly refers to them as losers, trash, or bums.

4. Trump’s views would be extreme.

Typically, a presidential candidate does not want to project themselves has far right or far left because that gets rid of all the potential swing voters in the middle. In recent years, Trump had sided with some extreme views and people. The whole birth certificate and Tea Party affiliation just felt like a drawn out publicity stunt that left us all with a bad taste in our mouth. Instead of talking about dumb issues like that it may be more important to give his opinion on education, foreign policy (How much you want to bet that it’s racist?), or energy.

5. Trump would be out of touch with the average American.

To quote my favorite comedian John Mulaney, “I bet you when Donald Trump makes a decision he thinks to himself ‘what would a cartoon rich person do? Put up billboards of my face everywhere. That’s a good idea.’” Trump has created a whole brand of flaunting his wealth on TV and telling everyone about his extravagant lifestyle. He has no idea what middle class American life is like, and he would have no idea what to do to help them.

6. Trump’s multiple corporate bankruptcies would not bode well.

Four of the businesses under Trump have declared bankruptcy. These include Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in 1991, the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City in 1992, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004, and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. Trump has been very adamant that he himself has never declared bankruptcy… just the companies he ran. The liabilities and losses from these ventures totaled over $2.5 billion. Sure, sometimes in the business world risks can pay off, but when you are in charge of the most powerful country on Earth you had better not have declared bankruptcy four times.

7. Trump would have no respect for foreign partners.

If trump was so quick to fly off the handle about Mexico and immigration imagine what he would say to representatives from another country. Would you trust him to be an ambassador for the United States? I wouldn’t.

8. Trump would not respect the office of president.

The way that he talked about Obama in interviews with multiple news outlets is ridiculous. No one with a mouth like his deserves one of the most reserved and respected jobs of all time. Yes, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that he will even get close to winning the Republican nomination, but a Donald Trump presidency would be bad for all of us.

9. Taylor Swift
 would have a good relationship with Sweden.

Swift has some of the most powerful friends in the music business, and it is a known fact that Sweden produces some great musicians. These include Max Martin, Shellback, and Klas Åhlund. You may not know them at first, but these guys are responsible for some of the greatest and most successful pop songs ever. If Sweden likes her than we may get some more of their exports at a better price. We could all use a nice discount on petroleum, telephones, and cars every know and then.

10. Calvin Harris would be the First Man.

Taylor Swift has been dating Scottish DJ Calvin Harris for a few months now and they really are a beautiful couple. Calvin Harris is a record-breaking musician, an Armani model and is greatly admired when he is shirtless. A little beefcake goes a long way in the White House.

11. Swift could her apply her knowledge of succeeding in a failing business.

The music industry has been in decline for a long time. This is due to everything from illegal downloads to streaming services. It seems like the only light in this dark cave is Taylor Swift. Her last album, 1989, was the only effort to sell over 1 million copies in a year, and the overall sales for 1989 have topped over 4 million since it was released last October. The government isn’t a music business, but some of this success may translate into financial knowledge.

12. Swift could use her great social media skills.

Taylor Swift is the most powerful musician online and she really knows how to connect to her fans on the Internet. Most social media users are younger and that means this has the potential to reach out to a number of young voters and a wide variety of other Americans.

13. Swift would stand up for the little guy.

In a much publicized letter with Apple Music, Swift stated that she would not make her albums available on their new streaming service because Apple was not going to pay the writers and producers of these songs during the first three months when it was free to all users. Within the next couple days Apple released a statement that said all writers and producers would be compensated during this time. Most people would not think about the people who helped make the music we all love, and that shows that Swift cares about the little guy we don’t always hear from. I would want a president like that.

14. The presidential cabinet would be like the “Bad Blood” video all over again.

Swift is BFF’s with some pretty awesome people. The opportunity for her to fill the cabinet with these guys would be good for every American! I have made some predictions about who would fit best where:
• Health and Human Services = Ellen Pompeo. She’s Meredith Grey of course she knows all about health. 

• Attorney General = Karlie Kloss 

• Energy = Zendaya 

• Defense = Cara Delevingne. Her eyebrows are our greatest 
treasure, and they are so intimidating that no country would ever 
want to hurt us. 

• Labor = Lily Aldrige. 

• Homeland Security = Mariska Hargitay. She has been in the 
Special Victims Unit for over 300 episodes and she has kicked major ass in all of them. 

15. Taylor wouldn’t let the bad guys win.

Do you guys remember that whole weird story about how Taylor Swift never exposed her belly button? It was strange but it ended with some good press for Swift. The paparazzi were taking photos of her in Maui, so she decided to post a picture of her in a bikini on Instagram. This way those creeps weren’t able to sell that picture to the tabloids and profit off something as weird as a belly button. She wouldn’t let the bad guys around us win either.

16. Taylor would have respect for her peers, image, and reputation.

Taylor Swift maybe one of the most powerful musician today, but she gives credit and respect when they are due. She paid homage to Madonna by playing guitar during the pop queen’s iHeart Radio Awards performance. She openly admires artists that have paved the way for her like Beyoncé, Tim McGraw, and Diana Ross. In an interview with Billboard last year, Swift said that the most important advice for new artists is that they have to be careful about the decisions they make everyday because it will all culminate into the public image of you. No doubt that she would respect the position of president of the United States. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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