couple standing on seashore during sunset

What If This Meant We’re Soulmates

What if this isn’t the only lifetime we’ve crossed paths multiple times between multiple lovers

What if no place — but your arms — has ever felt like home

What if we’re sabotaging our endless love by carrying layers of pain and fear from romantic imposters who taint us apart

What if our hearts undressed all conditions and dove into nude ecstasy

What if we’re one extraordinary being escaping our mind through two ordinary humans

What if we reveled against the dark endless shatter and disappeared near the pinkish sunsets and sparkling moon

What if committing to our desires felt lighter than liars playing with fires

What if we kept rising by falling and falling by rising — but always together

What if every dream has awakened angels to help us win

What if no lifetime allowed us to transcend without reaching spiritual consummation

What if our souls ran away as far as possible from each other, only to run into each other again and again

What if — on this earthly journey — we’ve never spoken a word about it, but we’ve both had a knowing of it all along

What if every time we met we couldn’t help but to make love at first sight, blindly — not caring of being holy or being judged like we most often do

What if every time we fell asleep as one, I arose upon dawn and demised a cold departure, for fear that you might learn of the love spell I’m under — just in case you’re not

What if we would just let go, resting where we can hear our heartbeats — making all the plans later

What if no force could rob us of our innocence together, even when it has shredded us apart alone

What would we do differently if all this meant we’re soulmates

Live And Love Well. Then Write About It.

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