11 Struggles Only People With Big Lips Understand


1. Sometimes people think you’re doing the duck face in your picture when that’s just your mouth in its natural state. This can be frustrating because it’s already humiliating enough that you took a(nother) shameless selfie, but now people also think you did the duckface in it? It’ll be a miracle if you can garner a decent number of likes on on that, a miracle I tell you.

2. Particular foods (I’m looking at you, powdered donuts) make colossal messes that require several lip licks and a mirror check immediately after consumption.

3. During kisses, entirely too often the other person involved will bite and suck on your lips which can be delightful if done properly, but agonizing if not.

Free tip: Maybe just try not to kiss lips the same way you would aggressively devour corn on the cob after not eating for a couple days.

4. The assumption that you’re pouting 24/7 only adds to any resting bitch-face syndrome you might already be suffering from.

5. ChapStick or some sort of balm is always kept nearby because you can’t have crusty, unkempt lips, which means generous amounts of ointment must be applied numerous times a day.

6. Aforementioned sticks of lip balm are used entirely too fast and even when lost before finishing, a replacement must be purchased hastily.

7. Biting and busting your lip while eating is an excruciatingly painful thing that happens regularly. You’ve got to chew tamely which is no simple task when you get as excited about food as I do.

8. Sunburned lips are an actual risk that must be faced every summer.

9. Sometimes drinking out of different sized water bottles or cans gets tricky because your fleshy face pillows don’t mesh well with the hole, leading to a liquid mess.

10. People ask if they’re real or plump by injection. Even if you say no, you can expect a skeptical look as their potential fakeness is carefully assessed.

11. Red lipstick on large lip having people tends to be chaos and looks less like a Maybelline commercial and more like a mouth shaped stop sign. TC Mark

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