This Woman Rejecting A Guy’s Date Offer Until She Sees His Fancy Car Defines Gold Diggers

This Woman Rejecting A Guy's Date Offer Until She Sees His Fancy Car Defines Gold Diggers
The best part of this clip is that she isn’t subtle or smooth about her transition for uninterested to chomping at the bit at all. You don’t usually go to dinners with people? Ten seconds later you’re recommending bars down the street? One can only wish that her face wasn’t blurred, as her expressions were probably significantly more priceless than her “love.”


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    […] Here‘s a video making a statement about women who are gold diggers. The girl turns the guy down until she sees his fancy car, then suddenly changes her mind. A bunch of people are responding to the video completely dissing the guy, making him out to be some kind of moron for asking her out ‘based solely on her looks without knowing more about her’. One suggests she could be a lunatic. So he’s as much of a prick as she is a gold digger. I disagree! […]

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