The 7 Parallels Of Binge Watching A Show And Dating On Tinder

Flickr / afu007
Flickr / afu007
  1. They both start off harmless. You’re scrolling through different images and examining brief bios. You star the ones that might have potential but you’re still waiting for something to rock your socks.
  2. You click on something and swipe someone you think might be special. You exchange casualties but after about one episode, or forty minutes, you realize its just not meant to be
  3. You continue scrolling and then remember you had some saved in your queue, so you quickly go back and examine your previous finds. You see someone that said something and it made you laugh so you think, why not
  4. You think you’ve found something, so you spend your entire night conversing. In the morning you exchange greetings. You try fitting in an episode during your break and by 6pm you’ve already exchanged numbers and the show has become a part of your recently watched.
  5. You revolve the next few days around your new find and decide to make it more intimate by exchanging snapchats. You sort of tell your friends about your new find and briefly explain how its the best thing in the world right now
  6. You decide to make it more intimate and meet in person. You end up finishing the entire season and you’re left at a cliffhanger
  7. You realize the show got cancelled after the first season and all that time you spent wasn’t even worth it but you will most likely do it again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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