10 Things Only Small Women Can Relate To

In a world where everything seems “larger than life,” being petite can be a challenge at times. Whether you’re on the search for the perfect (extra) little black dress or just simply going about your day to day business, more than likely you have come to realize that your SMALL size plays a BIG role in your life.
How Do You Know?
How Do You Know?

However, being little isn’t always such a challenge — it also has it’s perks. Here’s a short list of things only small women can relate to:

1. You’re constantly being picked up, literally. No matter where you are or what the circumstance, people find it not only okay, but necessary, to pick you up like you’re a tiny child. You could be in the middle of a really deep conversation one minute, and the next you’re suddenly being swept off your feet and spun in the air.

2. You find yourself wearing the same clothes as your much younger sister. When nothing fits you properly and you have to go to PacSun to buy your outfit, chances are you’ll be “twinning” with your sister and all of her girlfriends. Which wouldn’t be so embarrassing if they weren’t eight years younger than you.

3. You have no concept of what the “average” human stature should look like. From where you stand, everyone is tall…and what is considered to be an “average” sized person seems quite big to you.

4. People are constantly telling you how small you are. “Oh my gosh! you are like a little fairy!”, “You’re like the tiniest person I have ever seen!” After awhile you start wondering if they’re just making observations out loud or if they’re trying to offend you.

5. You’re sick of people trying to feed you. You could have eaten three cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, and two brownies, and people are still trying to force feed you — as if you don’t already eat like an overweight, full-grown man.

6. Creepers always make sexual comments regarding your size. They say things like: “I could easily throw her around,” “She’s fun sized,” “Man, I could spin her around on my…” (……uhhh, no.) And for the record, just because someone’s small doesn’t mean sex is any different (although standing positions might be a bit easier).

7. You feel the same as you did when you were 18 years old. You don’t mentally feel as young, but physically not much (other than maybe your bra size) has changed. You still feel like the energetic, agile soccer player you once were in high school (and you have no problem with that).

8. You can never mention your body issues for fear of offending others. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t pack on the pounds just like everyone else. But since what you view to be your “thick thighs” are tinier in comparison to that of an average sized person, don’t even think about complaining…you’ll never hear the end of it.

9. You can’t reach anything, ever. When you go to the grocery store for your favorite cereal and finally find it, on the TOP SHELF, you have two options: jump up and down in an attempt to grab it, or look for a taller person to ask for help. More than likely, you’ll leave the store empty-handed to save time and face.

10. You can fit in any space and sleep pretty much anywhere. This is main reason why you’ve been told by every boyfriend you’ve ever had that you’re “the best snuggler ever.” It’s also why traveling is no problem for you. Whether in a plane, bus or car, you can usually curl up in a relatively comfortable position and travel with ease. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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