Depression Isn't A Choice

Depression Isn’t A Choice

“Don’t be depressed.”
“Stop feeling that way.”
“Push yourself.”
Everyone said
As if I planned on feeling this way
As if I could drink this magic potion
And the next day be all better
I wonder how do people expect me to act?
Do they want me to plaster a fake smile
On my face
Like I have been doing for years?
To pretend like everything is so swell
To continue to miss out on life
And never live?
So I am just supposed to “stop”
Feeling depressed
But it wouldn’t actually be stopping
It would be suppressing my depression
Causing me to feel worse in the inside
I cannot fake it anymore
I am literally choking
And no one hears me
“Stop being depressed”
As if that will change anything Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Makayla Cole is from the West side of Chicago.

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