Rape isn’t an act, the act is sexual intercourse. Rape is more an emotion.

An emotion of disgust, of viewing yourself more like a body than a soul. It is the feeling of having your emotions abused, as if you don’t matter.. you’re just a body. You feel tarnished, and injured, dirty, filthy in places that can’t be cleaned. Your heart is filthy and injured and there’s no way to fix it or cover it or heal it.

You can’t look at movies, the kissing and romantic scenes seem repulsive and fake, like that’s the only thing humans want. You can’t let another person touch you because you’re paranoid, you need love and affection but you’re petrified of being touched, you’re paranoid and skeptical, ESPECIALLY of the nicest people, they’re surely up to something.

Still think tiny clothes means a girl is inviting rapes onto herself? No one wants to be raped, women want to be admired for their beauty and wit and personality, not viewed as a commodity with only one sole purpose.

It’s time our society stopped judging people based on clothes, piercings , hair colour, tattoos , number of female or male friends etc. Rape occurs because of sick minds, it doesn’t matter on your body type or looks or clothes, it doesn’t differ from burkhas to saris to kurtas to jeans to shorts. Rape is rape and it attacks everyone and doesn’t have favourites or show partiality, all it takes is a dirty mind and a vulnerable target.

Carry pepper spray and teach your kids to be nonviolent and compassionate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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