Stop Waiting For Them To Fix You

The thing is they will never tell you what you need to hear to move on. To heal. They will give you versions of the truth so delicately spun that you believe them, but just in that moment. Not when you cannot sleep cause the winter sheets that smell like them are on your bed even though it is spring out. So your sweat wakes you up in the middle of the night. You are smarter now and have unfurled their version of the truth a few nights a week at 3:16 AM until you have landed here. They will never tell you what you need to hear to move on.

The thing you need to hear to move on. To heal. Is the sound of your own laughter. Remind yourself of all that you have in your life, what you had long before them and will have long after them.

Strip the sheets, give them a good wash, and tuck them away until it gets cold outside again. It is time for the crisp white cotton sheets. You no longer need the middle of the night wake up call to overthink a conversation that, most likely, meant nothing to them. It is time to move on. To heal.

The thing is it does not matter if they ever tell the truth.

Stop waiting for them to fix you. They are the thing that broke you.

What matters is if you like the person you see in the mirror. Get to know them. Go on a few dates. Take this opportunity to fall in love again. Not with someone who will leave a new scent on your sheets, but with the scent you cannot smell at all. Because it is you.

Yes, fall in love again. But this time with yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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