Here’s Why We Should Stop Letting the Universe Dictate Who We Are

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Prottoy Hassan

The mind is a powerful tool. This is easy to believe if you’re in a dreamy, powerful, motivated mood, right?

It is harder to claim if the universe seems to be crashing right before your eyes.

There is an infinite number of universes in the world, it’s true. The one outside of us, the tangible kind, and several million others inside each person’s mind. The little universes feed on emotions, thoughts, and feelings from the bigger universe but it is still more powerful than the bigger one. Why? Because you have control over it.

There are a million and one things that the universe gives you every minute of your life. Everything’s up for grabs. Chances, challenges, adventure, problems – they’re not happening TO you. They just happen. They’re part of the universe, the universe outside of yourself. They don’t choose who they happen to. They’re just there floating in the universe like planets and you’re the star that chooses the planets you want revolving around yourself.

Not everything that happens to you define who you are. The ones that you grab and DECIDED to keep, do. Your nosy neighbors, false friends, toxic parents, unsatisfying jobs, they’re not part of who you are. The lessons you learned from them, the inside jokes that you were able to make, the motivation that they left to keep you going – these things are what you chose to stay. These are the things that become part of you.

Stop moping over the things that already happened and blaming the universe for everything that’s happening. It’s just wasted effort. There’s no point in trying to tame something that isn’t even yours.

Instead of trying to understand the universe outside of yourself, just understand and master the art of controlling the universe within you. This one is more powerful but easier to deal with. Nothing can disturb your own universe without your permission. A thing isn’t a problem if you don’t perceive it as one.

You cannot choose what happens to you. That’s just the way of life. You have no power over the cards you’re dealt with, only the hands that deal with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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