When You See Him With Someone Else

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A period signifies an end of a sentence, a finish line signifies an end of a race. A lot of things symbolizes an “end”. But what about the end of feelings?

What symbolizes that?

I think for me, it’s the stab to the heart. It’s the sharp pain you feel in your heart, when you see them together. It’s the heavy feeling whenever he talks about her. It’s when you suddenly feel out of breath, like you’ve run for a mile when you see them laughing. It’s when everything becomes blurry, and all you ever see is them, happy. It is as if the universe is making you see it on purpose.

And maybe it is.

Maybe, the universe wants you to see what is happening, not for you to be mad or jealous. But to see the genuine happiness and love they share. To make you realize that you can’t always have everything, and that in love, you’ll sometimes lose. It also makes you realize that the pain, you’re feeling symbolizes that you are alive and have the capacity to overcome this. It signifies “an end” to your feelings for him, and a new start for you.

Believe me when I tell you that the pain you will feel, will become worth it in the end because it makes you see more clearly, and makes you be more aware of your own feelings. No one said love is all happy endings, it’s actually a roller coaster of emotions. Maybe it just takes a happy ending for you to create your own happy beginning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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