It’s Never Easy To Let Someone Go, But Sometimes You Need To

It is never easy to let someone go, and it’s easy to say it’s hard. It’s so hard that every time you see his name somewhere around your neighborhood, it makes your heart drop, or it pisses you off because you suddenly remember all the details of all the times you spent together. It’s so hard that when you listen to the last song he told you about, it makes you want to hit the “next” button because it hurts to just hear the first note.

It is so hard that you never realize that using someone else’s twitter account just to browse his tweets for the past few weeks is unhealthy at best and borderline stalking at worst. And having a good old get together with high school friends is a serious risk to be taken because he’s gonna be there too. It’s easy to fall in love with someone, but once it gets into your system, it will never ever leave.

It has never been easy to let someone go — yes, it is hard but not impossible. It takes time and effort and when we say “time and effort”, it means that it will really take years to make it happen. Effort: not to look on to his profile, twitter account, or even his friend’s account just to see where he went today. It takes guts to say “I am done with this” and lock those feelings up for good. Dedication: to actually ignore those memories until it doesn’t hurt anymore, not to reply on those coffee invites near your place. It takes time and effort to finally say “no” when he asks.

When “no” is an easy thing for you to say when he’s around, that’s when you know that you’ve let go. You finally accepted the concept of the two of you is just a mere reflection of the past. A game-changer that once happened in your life. There could be a small, nerve-wrecking warning sign in your brain, tickle in your stomach, or a big bang on your heart, that’s okay, because the feelings will always be there; a happy memory of him that will never be erased.

It’s never easy letting someone go, but when you do, it’s the best feeling in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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