12 Red Flags That Might Mean You're Actually His Side Chick

12 Red Flags That Might Mean You’re Actually His Side Chick

1. He rarely or seldom initiates calls — especially video calls.

2. There always seems to be a fixed time in his schedule or a sketchy part of his routine when he’s unavailable (e.g. you can almost never hear from him in the afternoon, a few hours after he gets off work).

3. He insists (usually in an angry manner) that he’s unavailable because he’s “too busy with work.”

4. He’s only available when it’s convenient for him.

5. He leaves out subtle clues that he’s out with another girl. (I mean, I get that a lot of guys just have a big appetite, but seriously, who needs two platters of the same course and two glasses for drinking all the time? Also, what kind of guy carries patent quilted purses? Or uses mandala printed sheets?)

6. It’s okay when he does something questionable, but it’s never okay when you’re the one who does it (e.g. he gets upset over delayed replies, but he’s usually the one who takes time to respond).

7. He never admits his mistakes.

8. He likes to guilt trip you, or put the blame back on you as if you can’t do anything right and everything you do is just wrong.

9. You don’t get to have deep, meaningful conversations. There’s just no substance whenever you try to communicate with each other. You can’t even feel like you are in a safe space to talk about your weird late-night realisations about life.

10. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned about you (whether you’ve fallen ill or if you’re emotionally unwell).

11. He doesn’t remember a lot of things about you. You’d know for sure because two nights ago he already asked you about your plans for the next holiday.

12. He makes you doubt yourself and doesn’t give you any peace of mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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