Abdourahman Boreh: When The Thieves Disguise Themselves As Politicians And Terrorists As Victims


The recent statements by Boreh’s Lawyer, who said, “We cannot blame the British justice for condemning my client, the decision of the London courts are influenced by the harassment he suffered from the government of Djibouti,” give cause for concern to those in Africa and Worldwide who are fighting for the rule of law.

As regards harassment, it should be remembered that Abdourahman Boreh is a Djiboutian businessman condemned for corruption and breach of trust in his own country, convicted of having embezzled hundreds of millions belonging to the nation, which had entrusted him with the management of its main resource: Djibouti’s harbor. This is a man who uses these funds to commission and finance terrorist attacks against his own country, and beyond, in the Horn of Africa and across Eastern Africa.

There comes into play the “politically correct” part of the criminal strategy of the one often called the “Banker of the Shebab.” This strategy relies on misinformation, and on the systematic questioning of law and righteousness in his country and abroad. An observer might be amused, if this strategy wasn’t threatening the legal structure that states alike international organizations are patiently trying to build, so that the development of the poorest nations becomes a social and economic reality. A development actively promoted by Heads of state such as Ismail Omar Guelleh, who are concerned to see terrorism becoming a constant peril for African states and societies.

To achieve their ends, Boreh and his accomplices have borrowed to the terrorists their same dishonest dialectic. Boreh is usurping the role of a legitimate candidate, running for presidency who would have so become a political victim. A role he has never played and which he could actually not even claim because of his birth in a foreign nation! Such a usurpation of the quality of a candidate for the presidency of Djibouti, could make anyone smile, if it did not benefit relay with errant members of organizations always ready to denounce African heads of states, and see in their opponents, whoever they are, honorable victims of totalitarian dictators. For these people, a head of state such as Guelleh, who has authority under the law, is necessarily a dictator, a man to contest. This speech with moralizing overtones of colonialism is distilled by some unscrupulous offices at the risk of undermining the patient state consolidation work conducted by the leaders of the states that are in the forefront of the struggle of free nations against terrorism. These disinformation organs hired with millions of stolen dollars are objectively accomplices of the Shebab Islamist terrorism, of which a dormant funding stream is being prosecuted in the French courts in Poitiers. The risk provoked by these shameful practices has, as direct consequence, the impoverishment of African peoples who might otherwise have benefited from the economic progress made because of the good governance in this part of the world.

Ultimately, Boreh and his accomplices are throwing oil on the fire that feeds the terrorist networks, that thrives on the misery. When respectable organizations like Freedom are fooled by them, or when crooked lawyers defend Boreh by trying to make him a victim, they overtly pardon the sacking of public property committed by this man, for his exclusive benefit, at the expense of the Djiboutian people, and pardon that he associates himself with mass murderers like Shebabs or Boko Haram.

However, private investors, States and international organizations have realized that Djibouti, like other nations which are engaged in this virtuous process to consolidate the Rule of law and Good governance, is a strategic hub to support the equitable integration of the African continent in international and economic society.

Boreh, conversely, plays till the end his criminal destabilization game, by betting on the Shebabs and boko haram against Djibouti, Africa, China, and the United States, and against Europe. By means of his hundreds of millions USD stolen from Djibouti, one must admit that his capacity for financial nuisance remains significant and still allows him to get, through the interposal of disinformation agents the ability to buy and bribe corruptible people and to fool the naive ones.

All that now remains is to express the hope that the judges, and the responsible journalists, who are fighting for the rule of law and democracy into this world, will keep their lucidity by reaffirming the law and morality, so once justice has gone through this vast case, honest people can finally form a just opinion, about a low-level robber, who allegedly became a politician, when one tried to prevent him from stealing more and when justice asked him to return the misappropriated money to the people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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