Here’s All The Tiny Details You Probably Missed While Binge-Watching ‘Gossip Girl’

Serena and Dan in Gossip Girl
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In honor of Gossip Girl premiering 10 years ago, here are a few things you may not have caught the first time you watched the series. Luckily for you, I stopped counting how many times I re-watched the series after my eighth binge… so here are some things you may have missed!

Season 2, Episode 11

Eleanor Waldorf has her very own ringtone for when she calls Dorota… and it’s Britney Spears “I’m a Slave 4 U”. Could this be more fitting?

Season 2, Episode 24

In the episode titled “Valley Girls”, a badass Lily Rhodes attacks her future brother-in-law, Keith Van Der Woodsen. I wonder how her future hubby would feel about that encounter!

All Along Season 4

Remember Juliet? The crazy Colombia student, former key master, and ex-girlfriend to heart throb Nate Archibald, who plotted with her brother to get revenge on Serena? Oh right, how could you forget?! If you look closely enough at her earrings throughout the season, you can see that they are tiny daggers, waiting to stab Serena in the back with the right opportunity!

Season 2, Episode 21 And Season 5, Episode 5

You may have caught onto the theme that nothing ever goes right during Thanksgiving, but that is not the only sort of holiday that is filled with drama! Whether it is Serena’s potential marriage scandal or Blair’s pre-nuptial agreement blunders, Cyrus is never free from holiday drama. This is particularly sad considering he is one of the most underrated characters!

Across All 6 Glorious Seasons

No one ever wears sweatpants! Like Blair, I am firm believer that ‘Tights aren’t pants!” and I agree that sweats should never be dawned in public either, but I mean, lounging around the house? Come on! Where is the comfort, guys?! Not even lowly Vanessa can be seen rocking them in the NYU dorms!

Bonus For The Finale!

Blair and Chuck named their child Henry. Oddly enough, this is the same name that Chuck used to hide his true identity from Eva.

Jenny begins to design for Waldorf Designs. B for Waldorf was Blair’s first line and Jenny carried a bag with the logo J for Waldorf when delivering her final touch for Serena’s wedding day.

Ivy Dickens writes a story called “Ivy League” about her time as a con artist. This gets turned into a movie where Olivia Burke and Lola Rhodes play the two main leads. This story is published on the front page of the NY Spectator. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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