person holding bouquet of flowers


To learn is the synonym of to love, didn’t you know?

When you tell me about the cosmos above our heads

and about the small pebbled beach just a

few footsteps away.

It thrills me when you teach me how to

indulge in a card game and how to utter the words of

other languages,

but the most leaves grew on

the spine of my stem when you taught me how to love

without fear


Mere particles we are

in such an abstract atmosphere –

must we really wrap everything around our fingers?

Instead, give me dances in the moonlight and sunsets that

only an eye could view perfectly.

Light candles by the bathtub and caress my left knee –

the one with the scar.

We all have stories to tell by the fire,

but the only one I patiently wait for

is one of the stars above.


The moon grows in phases –

it shows us in the skies

that even an element full of

certainty and light

cannot be entirely wholesome

with every passing night


And from each curve and crevice of my body,

I send to you kindness and purity.

And I hope that this can be a reminder

that no matter how many times you look at yourself

and wish that you were different,

you bring glory to the globe –

look no further, seek no more,

you are home

and your body is your solace


Much like when we free the stems of

freshly bought flowers from the

dainty strings –

we must unravel ourselves from the binding attachments

and watch ourselves grow in a different direction

to those around us

yet still make the time to

compliment their



To be in a world of your own

when you’re surrounded by

a sea of everything

is truly the art of getting by

About the author

I have lived in 4 different countries in the proximity of 6 days!

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