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An Open Letter To Everyone Staying In A Toxic Relationship

Dear You,

The length of a relationship will never compensate for its worth. You should stay with a person because of love and respect and trust and forgiveness. You should never lock yourself up in a relationship just because of the time you’ve spent together or the work you’ve invested on it.

You must recognize that if it’s already destroying your inner peace, and who you are as a person, it is not worth holding on to.

I know that you might be hurting right now, or maybe you’ve reached the point of not being able to feel anything at all. When you’ve already surrendered everything to the universe as if there’s no other thing left to say or to give. I know that the pain of picking up the shattered million pieces of your little heart as it breaks and breaks some more have consumed all that you are. I know that you’ve been hiding all the tears or that your eyes have gotten used to crying so much that it doesn’t shed a tear at all. I know you’ve been afraid to start anew and I know that you fear of what it is to come or what’s there to look forward to but believe me when I say that it’s time to get up and leave from where you are right now, so you could figure out where you really want to be, or who you really want to be with.

At one point, we are all guilty of trying to stay in a toxic relationship. Sometimes even trying to convince ourselves that in the end, it’s all going to be worth it.

We end up slowly losing ourselves and we forget what it truly means to be together.

I hope you find the courage to leave when respect is no longer being served. I hope that you figure out that the love you’ve been giving everybody else would someday find you.

Once you fell apart, you’d often feel as if the stars of your fortune have misaligned and that the world would never understand how it is to go through what you’ve been going through. Don’t cry. I realized that in the end, all of us are in pain. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Everyone just lives with it and fights through another day. I wish you can fight some more, for yourself this time, so that you may be able to seek the courage to finally call it quits.

In the end, you may lose hope in truly finding the right one for you, but I promise you, one day this person will come along. Someone who would choose you over everything else. Someone who’d free his time to talk to you. Someone who’d make you feel good about yourself, who you can laugh about the silly things with, who’d sing songs in the car with you, and you’d tell him all about the beautiful things in the world. He would share your pain. He would cheer you up when you’re lonely. He would never make you feel alone. I promise you one day, he’d find you, and he’d never let you go.

I always believed that happiness is a choice, but sometimes it could also be a person. I hope one day you find a love like that. TC mark

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