10 Signs He Definitely Loves You (Even If He Doesn’t Say It)

John Schnobrich / Unsplash

Often times, girls have trust issues because of mixed signals and how guys have treated them. Some guys won’t verbally express themselves because of previous experiences, fear of rejection, or the belief that actions speak louder than words. Here are some of the signs that you have to look for to properly decode if he loves you or he’s just plain nice.

1. He makes you a priority.

If there is one thing that guys do to make you feel special, it is to set you as their priority. Whether it’s over sports or a boys’ night out, he will always, always choose you over anything else. You will notice that he changes his schedule for you or makes adjustments for you. Whatever it is, you are the priority.

2. He goes out of his way for you.

Ever had someone pick you up and drive you home even if you’re miles away? Or someone who just genuinely makes the effort to be with you even on a late night? If that doesn’t make you believe he loves you, I don’t know what else will. Guys will never enjoy the hassle unless it’s for the girl they love.

3. He introduces you to his friends, and practically to everyone else.

Guys, especially the silent ones, normally want to keep everything in private, but if he wants you to meet his friends, surely you are special. Guys also tend to talk about you more with his best buds if he’s really into you.

4. He wants to see you all the time.

Girls tend to be more clingy than guys, but if he really likes you, he will try to see you every now and then. If he can, he would even meet you every day, wait for hours just for minutes to see your face.

5. He is touchy and might show slight PDA.

He may not say it, but if he randomly holds your hand at the mall or grabs your waist in the parking lot, it’s his own way of showing to everyone else that you’re his girl.

6. He tries to grant all your requests.

You want pizza for dinner? Done. Ice cream? Done. You ask help for your stuff? Done. All of your minor and major girly requests are being done before your very eyes, and if he can’t, you will surely see that he hates to see you disappointed.

7. He wants to meet the significant people in your life.

He wants to meet your friends and if possible your parents to introduce himself. If a guy is clear about his intentions, he will also want to know the people you love because he knows if he loves you, he should learn to get along with them too.

8. He respects you.

I think one of the most important ways of showing love is respect. A guy who truly loves you respects your decisions as well as your beliefs. He may disagree with you at times, but he certainly will not cross you. He will also respect your wants and your needs, and of course the whole of you as a person.

9. He doesn’t entertain other girls.

A guy who’s really serious about you has eyes only for you. You will evidently see that he doesn’t flirt with anyone else and he commits himself to you. He doesn’t act like he’s available, even if you’re not around.

10. He is consistent.

Guys normally tend to be inconsistent with their actions, but a guy who loves you will make sure to be the best he can be all the time. He will never change, and if he does, it’s only for the better. TC mark

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