How To Prepare For Setbacks

George Yanakiev
George Yanakiev

It’s often said that the human spirit is hard to kill. Life can be strange – one minute you have everything going for you, the next minute you can be faced with a serious challenge or setback. If you watch the video by Birla Sun Life Insurance, you’ll see what I’m talking about. And that got me thinking about my own life…

When you’re young and in good health, it’s really hard to think about what could go wrong. In fact, not thinking too far ahead is one of my biggest flaws – I think that I’ll work hard and just see how it goes. And while that works out most of the time, I’m getting to the point where I’ve realized that planning for the future is a smart thing.

Setbacks are part and parcel of life. No matter how well you try to live your life or how hard you work, there will be a time when you may find yourself out of a job or unable to work due to health issues or something of a similar nature. Personal setbacks, as unfortunate as they are unavoidable, are like a universal truth. How you react in the face of those setbacks and how you choose to move forward are the things that define you as an individual.

A couple of years ago I fell sick. We thought it was just a viral fever at first, but when it got worse we did some tests and got to know it was Dengue. I had never been admitted to a hospital for any reason until then (something I was immensely proud of), so I was hoping I would just be able to ride out the sickness at home. But with each passing day I got weaker until I finally had to get admitted.

My parents didn’t scrimp and made sure I was very comfortable. I had to miss college and work, and my parents were left with a hefty bill to boot. But it was only because of my mom’s good financial planning and foresight that it didn’t affect us much long-term. That illness was my Khud Ko Kar Buland moment. I felt stronger-willed than ever, and in a month, I was completely back to normal. It encouraged me to plan better for my future and any sudden obstacles I might face so that even when I face setbacks, I can still move past them with my head held high!

No matter what your age or background might be, I’m sure you must have face some tough moments in your life. And while they’re never pleasant, you usually just come out stronger.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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