The Moments That Shape You

Would you agree with me when I say, “There is a bigger picture why you can’t let go of your dreams.” Specially with the ladies, when you see yourself brighter, and that you are more than willing to sacrifice what you have today, including happiness. Answer that along with this question, “by far, what is your defining moment?” Those moments of your life that you tell yourself, “this is not right, I’m not inutile, I should do something.”

I strongly loathe the feeling of seeing old aged doing blue collar jobs and abusing their little body and energy driving jeepneys, waiting tables, and selling cigarettes if not vegetables in wet markets to earn living, not for themselves, but to support the needs of their emancipated sons and daughters, if not to feed their grandchildren. I say that when my eyes were opened to this unwanted truth, was my very defining moment. Someone claimed, it is not a excused to be born poor. I say, that statement cannot be undertaken in general, remember, hiatus defined who are the “untouchables”. In India, “untouchable” means those people whom are living in less than a dollar ($1) a day. Being poor is a vicious cycle, when nobody is capable to break it, it will be an infinity. To act on the latter, there should be a divine intervention coming from the people surrounding them, to provide them path.

Wisdom is a gift of spirit. Intellectual people got zenith of facts and theories. However; it is a failure to most of us, to balance wisdom and intellect. This happens because some tends to belittle “Emotional Agility”, the answer is simple, emotion may show weakness and vulnerability, once mishandled, could destroy intellect. However; life is about survival of the fittest, knowledge is not the only key to success, courage and that mental toughness to conquer fear and fight for such stand. As someone said “Stop thinking outside the box. Rather, go outside the box, and explore yourself and talent.”

Therefore; feel and see your passion, let the defining moment nourish you as a person, as a citizen of your country, and act on it. Everything starts with a vision, then the courage to be tough. Fight and never give up on your dreams and passions, it is your lifetime treasure. Being a woman is not an excused, someone have said, “A woman is mad when she is silent”. I disagree, that adage is no longer applicable to our modern lives. I say, due to empowerment and no lest of hindrance to achieve the highest education as one may attain, women, nowadays, are no longer fearsome in their chosen fields. We may be silent too all because we are enjoying the freedom to imagine and think. To most of us, never to limit ourselves, continue dreaming, at one point, there will be a reality of imagination. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Gianni Cumbo

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