Fall In Love With Your Life Again

averie woodard
averie woodard

Let go of the weighing negativity in your life. Stop saying yes to things you have no desire to do. Stand up for yourself and tell the world how you feel. Throw away all of the unnecessary drama and never look back. It’s time to renew everything about your life and find yourself again. Breathe in and breathe out everything that consumes you and finally kiss it goodbye.

Slowly fall in love with your life again. Only make choices that will better you. Take adventures that make you feel alive again and keep that feeling close to you. Wake up with your eyes sparkling to new possibilities and smile at the end of it. Live in every single moment and pay close attention to the little things. If you take the time to look around, life is beautiful and you need to be present for it.

This year is for you. Leave everything and everyone else behind.

Reach for the stars and don’t settle for anything less. It’s going to be a year full of magical beginnings and endless opportunities. Make this year the best one yet and become the person you have always wanted to be. Trust your gut, follow your heart, and keep your eyes wide open. See everything, do everything and please do not miss a single second of it.

You deserve to be happy every single day of your life. Remember that nobody has enough power over you to make you feel anything, but that. This year is not about settling. It’s about making it everything you want it to be. Be bold and take risks. Speak loud about your dreams and strongly pursue them. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you along the way. Show everybody who you really are on the inside and completely embrace it.

This is your life and your life only. You have every right to live it the way you want.

Take the road less traveled and get used to being alone in your own company. Go in the direction your heart takes you and just keep going. Your destination will be where you were meant to be all along. It’s time to take that first step into the New Year and do nothing, but live beautifully. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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