22 Life Events That You Are Most Definitely Overthinking

New Girl
New Girl

1. Not getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
Sleep is for the weak. Drink some coffee, splash some cold water on your face, and soldier on as best you can. You can rest later.

2. Being completely out of the one food or drink you’re pretty sure you’ll die without.
That’s what grocery stores are for. In the meantime, get creative and try something else!

3. Being insulted by someone you don’t even know.
You don’t even know them. Their attitude and/or opinion is completely irrelevant.

4. Never receiving a text or email reply from the object of your affection.
You have better things to do than stare at your phone all day. Probably at least 101 better things to do. Like finding someone who will fucking answer when you’re talking to them.

5. Weight gain or loss.
Bodies change. It’s normal. But if you really don’t like something, you do have the ability to change it for the better.

6. Something not working the way it’s supposed to. (WiFi, air conditioning, scissors, an unfamiliar shower faucet…)
You are strong, capable and smart enough to fix or replace broken things…or at least find someone who can.

7. Getting sick.
Getting sick sucks, and it especially sucks if it’s chronic or incurable. You’re allowed to grieve. You’re allowed to struggle. You’re allowed to complain. But you’re not allowed to roll over and accept defeat. Your health is something that should be fought for until your last dying breath.

8. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at work.
Welcome to the work world – where all feelings are valid and you’re allowed to drink and watch as much Netflix as you want upon returning to the comfort of your home in one piece. Remember that not every day will be that bad. But if it is, perhaps it’s time for a job switch.

9. Losing a piece of jewelry.
There are worse things to lose.

10. Telling a joke that absolutely no one laughs at.
Nothing bruises up your self-esteem quite like telling a joke that leaves everyone in a fog of embarrassing and indifferent silence. Just carry on. You’ll get them next time.

11. Having your heart broken.
This may be one of the deepest sorrows you will ever experience, but you’re going to be so strong and wise by the time you come out of it that you won’t even recognize yourself. Hang in there.

12. Failure and/or rejection.
Some doors will be locked while others will be wide open. Keep trying.

13. Exciting plans being brilliantly canceled.
Shit happens. Try looking for alternative ways to spend the newly available time in your day. The possibilities are endless, but it’s hard to see them when you’re too busy moping.

14. Slow service when you’re in a hurry.
If you’ve ever spent a minute of your life in the service industry, you’re probably more prone to let this one slide. If not, I’m here to inform you that you have two options in this type of situation; wait patiently or leave. Simply manage your time better next time instead of expecting people to be instantaneously available to accommodate you and your schedule.

15. Not getting invited to something you were hoping or expecting to get invited to.
Being left out blows, but the person who didn’t invite you to the thing is either not your friend or had a good reason not to invite you. There is no third option. Don’t overthink it.

16. Finding out your hot date is super enthusiastic about something you couldn’t care less about.
Hey, differences shake things up. Give the lad or lady a chance.

17. Getting a bad grade.
You will not wind up in prison, or living under a bridge, or selling drugs to make ends meet. Just study harder next time. You got this.

18. Strangers on the Internet being obnoxious.
Why let a little block of meaningless digital text from a faceless troll upset you? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

19. People in real life being obnoxious.
People are obnoxious. This is nothing new.

20. Living paycheck to paycheck.
Welcome to the 20-something life! There is a sorry excuse for a home cooked meal on the stove and a 90s movie in the $30 DVD player.

21. Not having your life together.
No one ever gets their life completely together. They merely get glimpses of what that would be like.

22. Well…
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