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Carine Roitfeld Is Leaving Vogue Paris

In a massive thud heard around the world,  Paris Vogue editor-in-chief (and my idol) Carine Roitfeld announced that she’s leaving the magazine. It’s not that she’s going to another magazine or anything (yet!), but more that she’s kind of totally over magazines. “I have no plan at all,” she said. “It’s ten years that I’m editor of the magazine.

21 Questions for Gay Dudes

There’s a new show on Logo, the gay channel, and it’s so much better than that hot mess The A-List, a show I can’t fucking stand but must watch every week. It’s called 1 Girl, 5 Gays, and it’s like 5 gay dudes locked in a room with a lone straight chick (hot) who asks the dudes a bevy of questions about love and sex. Anything goes, people!

Why Can’t Rihanna Sing Her Own Songs?

I love me some RiRi, but I’m sorry — the bitch can’t sing live, and no amount of reverb can cover it up! In the last week I’ve see her perform that red hot single “Only Girl (In the World)” on Saturday Night Live and at the European Music Awards. Both times, her red headed ass was flat, missing practically every note in the song. And there are only like four notes MAX in the whole thing!!

HBO’S Bored to Death

Bored follows the same formula as other 30-minute HBO cult-hits like Entourage and Sex and the City — a group of oddball friends from different backgrounds who stick together no matter what. No matter how many dudes Samantha slept with, or how many times Mr. Big came back, no matter how loud Ari screams, and no matter what Jonathan Ames does, everybody’s always cool with everybody at the end of the day.

Willow Smith Is The New Beyonce

“Whip My Hair” opens in a sterile, all white cafeteria with everybody wearing the same outfits. Y-A-W-N. But! In comes Little Miss Willow to save the day with her bedazzled eyes, lips, and nails and a gigantesque heart shaped braid pouring out of her head.

You’re Not Straight. You’re Not Gay. You’re Not Bisexual Either.

It’s called the Flextuality test, and in a little under 15 minutes you can finally pinpoint your real sexual orientation once and for all. Take the test and you’ll see that there’s basically a range of twelve sexual types, starting with the “heteroflexibles” and the “supersexuals” ending with the last, very vanilla label of “straight.”

You Know You’re A-List When…

On the first episode, everybody meets everybody and they go around the room about their connections, the “celebrities” they know, how “gaymous” they are. Um…“gaymous” Really bro?

What Do Your Sex Dreams Mean?

I’ll spare the details, but basically I’m getting completely nailed by Matt Bomer, star of USA’s White Collar. I’m talking like nailed nailed. Sooo good. And guess what else? We were doing it in my grandmother’s garage, which only makes this piece of theater that much more interesting.

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