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Stretch Your Last $21 To Your Next Payday

But let’s be real — it’s not that you’re poor. You just massively overspend, every month. It’s the American way! You can make $200k or $20k and still float from check to check. But it’s not until you’re in the red that you realize how expensive your habits are.

Doing Drugs With Damien Hirst

Now, Hirst is at it again with “The Complete Spot Paintings: 1986-2011,” a simultaneous, international exhibition currently on show at Gagosian, the high-end, New York-based contemporary art gallery with a global footprint. The “Spot” paintings are part of a cycle of works begun in 1986, and though as many as 1500 “Spot” paintings currently exist, they are intended to be an endless cycle.

Aerobic Proclivity

No, the most annoying thing about losing a debit card is the ambiguous seven-to-10 business day period when the bank promises to send you a brand new one. You wait and wait and wait and it doesn’t come but then, finally, it does. Why on earth do the banks insist on sending replacement cards at such a glacial pace, anyway?

Quit Making Out On The Bus

You make out without realizing everybody is uncomfortable. You do this in front of me, and I now have this VIP, all-access tour of your peep show. And though I don’t really care to look, nothing in particular is stopping me from doing so. You force me to participate in your live porn. I’m thinking, Oh, they must have just started dating.

The Classical Music Conundrum

For some reason I’ve been on a classical music binge, annoying my neighbors with all the waltzing around the apartment I’m doing, in high heels and cat suit no less, to the doom and gloom of Prokofiev, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Smetana. I don’t know what it is but I’m really drawn to pieces in minor keys that sound next to impossible to play—my friends say it’s because I like aggressive Russians dudes which, whatever.

Where Did You Go Last Night?

With all this recent emphasis on so-called “party photography” in the last decade or so, it might seem that “party pics” are a new kind of genre. But as far as I can tell, the genre extends at least as far back as Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, which launched in 1969 as a title focused primarily on interviews with film stars and personalities of the period.

John Galliano Fired from Christian Dior, But Does It Even Matter?

Couture-gate comes on the heels of a video released just yesterday of a group of people taunting the designer at a Paris café,  slaming the couturier with more allegations of anti-Semitism. In the clip, a calm Galliano is obviously wasted, slurring his way through insults such as “Your bag is ugly” and “I love Hitler.”

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