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An Interview With Somebody In An Open Relationship

“Open relationships should always come from a place of, we’re young, we’re hot, let’s just experience stuff. I honestly think that once my partner starts telling me about people he’s hooking up with it’ll be like a fun thing we can kiki about, like we’re best friends.”

What It Feels Like To Get A Rim Job

My face was buried deep in the pillow and I remember praising the lord and clinching the sheets, which of course only made him go at it even more. When it was over I was like, “WAIT WHY DID YOU STOP??!!”

I Really Hate Alcohol

Whenever I’m in a drinking situation and somebody new finds out that I generally stay away from alcohol, the first thing they do is tilt their head, furrow their brows and look at me like I’m some kind of unrecognizable foreign object. “You don’t…drink?”

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