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10 Songs That Got Better After The Remix

Bald headed, barefoot, cooch exposed — whatever — in 1999 Britney Spears was everything. She may not be a powerhouse singer a la Adele or Jessie J., but she’s the one artist I actually want to hear remixed. Don’t even come out with an album of original songs — just get to the point and give us the remixes.

Black Hair Problems

At some point, at least once, a black person will hear: “Wow, your hair is sooooo cool! Can I touch it??” Like, I know that my hair is a site of unbridled fascination and holds many secrets, but unless you’re going to give me something of yours to touch in return, I’m thinking no.

A Close Reading Of Ke$ha

The thing about Ke$ha is that she’s kind of a hot mess. We expect our pop stars to be perfectly prim, coiffed, blonde, and dressed to the nines. But this is what makes someone like Ke$ha so interesting: she gives us trash instead of glamour, semen instead of glitter, and dirt in lieu of makeup.

What It’s Like Being An Introvert

As much as I love being out and wearing ridiculous things, I don’t go out of my way to approach new people or to try to make new friends, and I’m always envious of people who are able to do that.

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