13 Reasons Introverts Are So Good At Sex


1. Introverts often have very high sex drives, a surprise to people who assume introverts are always shy and quiet. These people get blind sided (or actually blind folded) by the introverts imaginative sexual side.

2. Great sex is always about a connection to another body, and there’s nearly nothing an introvert prizes more than connecting with someone stimulating and being in a situation that’s all about stimulation.

3. Introverts are intuitive and great readers of cues, and that means while they’re licking your crevices and touching and caressing you they’re also paying close attention to what you like — what makes you moan. Once they figure it out they keep doing that over and over, taking you to ecstasy.

4. Introverts are comfortable to be around because they make you feel relaxed. Relaxed sex is the best sex.

5. In a world of noise and chaos, you’re the one they choose to have sex with. Introverts find it difficult to connect to people, so when they do find that connection, it’s on.

6. Introverts know what they like, too, and aren’t afraid to go for it.

7. They love sex and understand that this human connection should be explored as fully as possible. Sex with introverts won’t be a quick, wham-baam-thank-you-maam type of thing. It will be intense, life changing and well-paced.

8. Sex is not a race, which is why introverts take their time to come. Plus, they know that orgasm is not necessarily the most important aspect of good sex.

9. They also know that intimacy is key.

10. Introverts usually care about the person they’re having sex with in some way. Doesn’t mean it’s everlasting love but it does mean that they have some type of feelings for you outside of the sex.

11. Sexual chemistry is everything, and introverts know that an emotional tension is really the turn on. Not all good sex needs to be emotional — introverts like it rough too! — but at the end of the day it’s all about the connection.

12. Introverts like to be good at things, and sex is one of those things!

13. Quiet ones always have the most fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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