10 Songs You Need Right Now

If you’re like me, there’s no way you can get through a day without a few good tunes. When I wake up there’s music, when I shower there’s music, when I’m writing there’s music, and sometimes I wear my headphones even when there’s no music on at all. Music is the caffeine that gets me through the day. Here are 10, carefully curated songs that will definitely get you through yours. I could listen to “Choose Me” by James Blake forever and ever and, honestly, “Fierce for the Night” is the best new track I’ve heard in a long time.

1. “Rendez-Vous,” Lotic

Buy “Rendez-Vous” on Amazon.

2. “Feel Me,” Willow

Buy “Feel Me” on Amazon.

3. “Choose Me,” James Blake

Click here to see a live version of the full track, and buy The Color In Anything on Amazon.

4. “Rule Number One,” Sleigh Bells

Buy “Rule Number One” on Amazon, and get ready for a brand new Sleigh Bells record soon.

5. “Ask Me,” Sepalcure

Buy Sepalcure’s latest effort Folding Time on Amazon.

6. “Butterflies,” Andy Stott

Buy Andy Stott’s Too Many Voices on Amazon.

7. “Make A Scene,” Shamir

Buy Ratchet, the debut album by Shamir, on Amazon.

8. “Day For Night,” Moloko

Buy “Day for Night” on Amazon.

9. “Chamber,” Still Parade

Buy Concrete Vision on Amazon.

10. “Fierce For The Night,” Virginia

Buy Fierce for the Night, the debut album by Virginia, on Amazon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – James Blake


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