This Racist Chinese Laundry Commercial Will Leave You Speechless

There I am, scrolling through Facebook, minding my own business, when I see that one of my friends has shared a video of a harmless-looking laundry commercial. “I’m appalled,” he commented, so obviously I clicked the link. I pop into the video which shows a cute black guy trying to hit on a cute Asian girl. So far so cool. The cute black dude goes over to the girl and tries to kiss her and when he goes in for the kill she stuffs a laundry tablet in his mouth, then shoves him into the machine, looking pleased with herself.


When the cycle is finished the cute black guy pops out as a cute Asian man, fresh and clean! Basically the black guy was too dirty but since he’s clean, now she can kiss him!


And then the very next image is of some hands pulling a fresh white shirt out of the wash.


How is it that in 2016 it is still possible to get away with this kind of blatant racism? If anyone needed any reminders that the world is dominated by whiteness, well, here’s your proof! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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