These Really Hot Virtuoso Cellists Covering “Smooth Criminal” Will Blow You Away

There’s nothing better than hot guys with talent! Meet Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of the acclaimed duo 2CELLOS, one of the most exciting classical/crossover live acts to date. The band is widely known for their frenetic, electrifying performances of pop jams with a classical twist. But wait! You’re not supposed to play the cello that way! Look at how cool they look!

For decades, really as long as I’ve been a classical music queen, classical music has been obsessed with figuring out how to be younger, how to appeal to a broader audience. And that usually means playing pop songs with stringed instruments. I’ve always been weary of classical music that goes pop, not because I’m an elitist, but because most of the time the shit sounds terrible, like a big old tub of cheese.

2CELLOS brings something special to the table. You see them and they don’t look like classical musicians trying to win awesome points by playing pop music. They look like some cool ass pop stars playing on cellos. They have a unique way of making the cello sound like a voice, too, with all the guts and grain and everything, meaning they’ve put their conservatory training and virtuosity to good use. Plus, the energy they bring to the stage really makes them pop. And, come on, they’re very easy on the eyes :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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