The Black Gay Dude Organising That White Only Gay Party Totally Doesn’t Hate Himself

James Creegan
James Creegan

Lord Jesus.

Sometimes when I come across something really offensive and politically incorrect I hope and pray its some kind of experimental performance piece. It’s like, I hope whoever did the thing is actually staging some kind of grand social commentary that’s way over everyone’s heads and nobody gets it yet. It nearly never is though.

So you can imagine how I felt when I discovered there’s a black queen in DC who started a white gay men — sorry, “bromos” — only group.

It’s basically as if Harlem Hookups had a Meet Up page.


The group does sound really fun for what it’s worth! According to the description, which we will get to in a second, these chilled out bromos love “healthy and fun activities, masculine activities, like team sports, listening to rock music, parties, and much more!”

Cool!!! Will there be kale, too?

The parties the group hosts, the organizer assures, are only for white, fit, masculine guys who are between 21 and 35. No one else will be allowed in.

And just so the political correctness police (e.g. all rational people) don’t rain on this white party, the organizer of the group says he doesn’t hate himself.

“Sorry, the organizer is not self-hating. He likes himself!”


Fair enough, he just doesn’t like black people lol.

Catch the full description of the now deleted group below:

As of April 2016, there are over 200 White guys as members. Most are not here on Meetup, but they are on the membership list separate from Meetup. The group is politically incorrect. It’s elitist and exclusive.

Furthermore, a black guy runs the group. How awesome is that! We oppose political correctness – we do not support diversity. If someone considers the group ’racist’ or the organizer ’self-hating,’ we don’t care. It’s ridiculous how race is the only aspect of the group that gets criticized. Why single that out? People hang around people with the characteristics they like. This is normal. All women, all men, and all black groups wouldn’t get the same criticism.

We have the freedom and right to associate with whomever we want. The organizer almost exclusively associates with White guys. And, sorry, the organizer is not self-hating. He likes himself! He likes White guys, too.

We are looking for more White guys who are fraternity guys, and young professional men who want to meet similar types of guys by attending our parties with other young, fit, masculine white men. The group is all about camaraderie and having fun times together as bromos. This is a great way to meet and become friends with other young, cool, masculine white guys in the same boat. This is it.

We are looking for recent grads from DC area campuses, including GWU, Georgetown, AU, GMU, UVA, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and, of course, Catholic U. Catholic white boys are the best!

We are also looking for white military men – US Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force, Coast Guard, Naval Academy, firemen, and policemen are certainly welcome.

Join this group today to be invited to our next party! You must be white, fit, masculine, 21 to 35 to get in. This is a drug-free zone. The group encourages healthy and fun activities, masculine activities, like team sports, listening to rock music, parties, and much more! If you are a young, fit, masc white dude who likes other dudes – a bromo – join this group. The group is fun and the guys are fun.

The Organizer

I’m waiting on the news to drop any minute that this group was a hoax all along, someone’s undergraduate thesis at NYU because it all-too perfectly captures what’s wrong with the gay community.

I once went to a black gay men brunch that was also invite only, full of handsome, educated and successful black gay men with a range of interests and backgrounds. It was cool and we had a lovely time. But a space like that is needed. There are fewer spaces for men of color to congregate. If we want to go to gay clubs we are one of two brown people up in the piece and we are often ignored the whole time.

Having a black gay brunch was not only communal and boozy/bougie, social and downright fun, it was also a safe space. In general white gay men suck up all the air time, political causes, space in the club, space in porn, space on screen, space in the magazines. I’m not mad or angry or pointing fingers, just stating the obvious, showing you the receipts. White gay men don’t need more airtime — public or virtual — than they already get.

And that’s the difference.

I know people have strong, polarizing feelings about sexual racism within the gay community. Some say race-based preferences are dumb while others are real quick to defend why they should be free as fuck to say they aren’t into people of color AT ALL, not a single one, and to put that in all caps in their dating profile.

But I’m actually sick of talking about sexual racism. It’s a thing, and if you’re a person who doesn’t understand why saying you are not attracted to Asians or whatever ethnicity of color is not both problematic and offensive then I can’t even be bothered.

My main question is: what kind of person sets up/signs up for a group like this? An art student who is fucking with us, that’s who (fingers crossed)! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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