How Important Is Circumcision Status In The Dudes You Date?

Ali Mir
Ali Mir

I got an email from this guy who wanted to know if I preferred dicks to be cut or uncut. I LOVE when people email me sex questions, so keep ’em coming, y’all. Seriously. Email me all your sex stuff — pics optional. Anyway, “Joe” is a single straight guy on the prowl and was curious about whether I thought it matters if guys are cut or uncut. It doesn’t matter to me, but I live in Europe now where many guys are uncut. I haven’t seen ANY cut dicks in almost two years!

A dick is a dick is a dick. As long as that bad boy does what it’s supposed to do, which is to take u HIGHER, there shouldn’t be any need to complain about whether it has a hood on it or not. Don’t be a dick queen. In America uncut dicks seem like something of a rarity, which means it’s easy to find them gross, unclean, or not as “pretty” as the cut ones you’re used to. Fear of uncut dicks is really just anxiety about the unknown.

With a cut dick everything is already out there so you have a general idea of what to do. If you’re a gay dude and your sex partner matches you in circumcision you basically just do what you already do to yourself. But I’ve learned that uncut dicks have to be handled differently than all the rest. If you pull the hood back too far, announcing the full penis, you could end up hurting him. At the same time some guys really like their foreskin played with. Your uncircumcised pal will tell you what he likes, and if he doesn’t, ask him.

The biggest complaint or fear people have about uncut dicks is that they can get funky. THEY SURE CAN. I loved what the hilarious Kat George said about cummy, crusty dicks:

The actual act of ejaculation, from what I have observed with my eyes, happens about the same way for both styles of penis. The deciding factor on this one is the way in which bits of cum that perhaps haven’t been wiped off properly, can sometimes harden around the inside of foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. This can be pretty gross when, post coitus, you go in for round two, and have to suck off a guy with crusty cum all up in his dick hole.

But like…if you’re about to sleep with this guy and his dick is crusty he is probably basic and you should get out. That or ask him to take a damn shower. Your guy has presumably slept with many people before you so he should know how to care for his own damn dick.

It shouldn’t matter whether your guy is cut or uncut. Don’t hold something against all those super hot uncut people out there who didn’t have a say in the way their dick looks today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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