16 Reasons Skater Bois Are Absolutely The Hottest

Paulisson Miura
Paulisson Miura

1. Statistics show that skater boys are far, far hotter than other male mortals. There’s no arguing with the empirical evidence.

2. Skater boys are hot because they’re edgy. They have that whole “bad boy” thing working for them even though they are actually really nice and emotional.

3. Because alternative boys are the best boys.

4. They have tight jeans and great genes (lol).

5. What’s hotter than a guy who wears a beanie all year round? So what if it’s 125 degrees outside!

6. A skater boy doesn’t mind if you’re a bit of a tomboy. He actually brings out your inner tomboy, unless you’re both gay boys. The only thing hotter than one skater boy is TWO skater boys.

7. He probably works in the Journeys at the local mall which means you will be able to reap the benefits of unlimited discounts on Vans and Converse!

8. With skater boys there’s always more than meets the eye, as the cultural philosopher Avril Lavigne puts it.

9. Skater boys always look sooo cool even when they’re not trying.

There really isn’t much else hotter than a guy without a shirt on riding a skateboard.

10. Because they have tattoos, piercings or BOTH = hot.

11. Skater punks exist in every color — black, white, Asian, mixed race, latino. I’m planning to one day fall in love with a 6 foot tall gay latino skateboarder covered in tattoos with a lip piercing and an eyebrow ring who also plays the drums in a band. Wondering if he exists/is real.

Davide D'Amico
Davide D’Amico

12. Skater boys stand out in the crowd because they march to the beat of their own drum.

13. They always have hot bodies. Always.

14. Skater boys are super into music, and you will get to learn about their music collection which will be full of bands you’ve never heard of in life.

15. Long hair don’t care, short hair come hay-ere (I tried).

16. Skater boys are hot because they’re talented. Skating is so cool, something they’re really good at. You love it when your crush is good at something you can’t do. A mega turn on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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