Read This If You’re Thinking About Getting Back Together With An Ex


1. People break up. It’s just a fact of life. But exes are like cockroaches: they always come back. Always. Whether it’s 3 months later, 3 weeks later or 3 years later, somewhere, somehow, here comes that simple “hey” text. And you always know what it means, don’t you?

2. Getting back together with someone is not necessarily not a bad thing. It can often be an amazing thing! But before he or she pours their heart out to you about all the reasons they’re desperate to get back together, ask yourself one thing: are you sure?

3. Are you sure you want to do this again?

4. Was the sex hot (and frequent!) enough to make you forget all the things he did that upset you?

5. Like the fact you were always SO ANNOYED when he clipped his toe nails on the living room table and sometimes forgot to pick them back up. Or that he would always say he would do something and never did it, ever. Plus all the other things he did that made you stare at him and wonder “Why?”

6. Never get back with someone just because the sex was good, unless you’re going to do that whole FWB thing, in which case get it gorl.

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7. First thing’s first: remember that s/he is an ex for a reason.

8. Which is why you should try to see if you can be friends first. If you can’t be friends, what’s the point in being anything more?

9. Isn’t it funny how an ex pops up when you’re the middle of seeing a bunch of other people? There’s this really cute guy you just met and you two get along really well, but now your ex is crawling back. What to do?

10. No matter what happened and whose heart got broken first you both need to decide to go into this thing without brining up the past. Fresh start. Try not to say “See, this is why I dumped your ass last time!!!!” or whatever. Reminders of the past will only hurt one of you again.

11. Think about how much you have changed since you two broke up. Are you a different person? Are they? I’ve always felt that people don’t change, but maybe that’s a bit too pessimistic. Or maybe it isn’t.

12. The hard work of dating is to find someone who can deal with your toe nail clipping and snoring and loud masturbatory habits. You want them to like you exactly the way you are right now. You might have to compromise, but that’s not the same thing as changing who you are.

13. If cheating was involved in your break up then you should really think seriously about opening the relationship up this go around. Whatever other ratchetness comes up along the way at the very least you know that cheating won’t be the reason you to break up again if you do.

14. Try not to over-analyze every single thing s/he does when you’ve decided to give it another try. Take it easy and have fun. And always remember what it is you want so you don’t get heartbroken again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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