5 Simple Things You Can Do To Stop Dating The Wrong People


1. Don’t Compromise Beyond Belief

Nearly every relationship involves some kind of compromise. But there’s a difference between making compromises that make your relationship better and compromises that make you feel like you’re no longer yourself anymore. We’ve all been there before: dating someone we feel like we should hide things from. If you start seeing someone and you feel like you’re going to totally lose yourself because of how deeply you have to alter your identity, it’s not worth it.

2. Give Yourself Time To Heal From Your Last Relationship

The relationship person in us all gets crushed to smithereens when we break up with someone, which is why we are so quick to Tinder our way through the pain of being single again. We’re eager to find a replacement, stat. But when you haven’t healed from your last break-up you’re vulnerable, quick to jump at the first person who shows even the slightest interest in you so you can feel loved again. Give yourself time between serious relationships to heal. That way you’ll be better prepared to go after what you want. And you’ll be less likely to compare your new beau to your ex, too.

3. Enjoy Being Single

Use this time to find yourself so you can be emotionally ready when you do meet the person of your dreams.

4. Know The Kind Of Person You Want To Be With

This isn’t the same as having “a type.” All it means is knowing what didn’t work for you in the past and going after what you need in your next relationship. Relationships are definitely work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. If it’s too hard, is it worth it? If it’s too hard, is it because you’re with the wrong person?

5. Just Stop Looking

Probably the most important thing you can do to stop dating the wrong people is to stop looking. Just stop. We are always swiping right and messaging people and crafting our profiles, but chemistry isn’t inside an app. Not to get all New Age on your asses but the person you’re looking for, the right person, will just show up on your doorstep when you least expect it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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