9 Fierce Queens Who Should Definitely Be On “RuPaul’s Drag Race” All Stars 2!

Hiyyeeeeeee! I always look forward to the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s one of the only shows I will not miss under any circumstances, and sometimes I wish it was on year round. Well, kittens, it looks like when Drag Race hits its 8th season in the Spring of 2016 there will also be a new season of All Stars shortly after. Yes, yes!

If you’ve never seen Drag Race before you need to roll on some glitter, gurl, and get alllllll the way into it. The show is magical because it involves fashion, transformation, comedy, drama, sass and lessons about self-love. There’s something for everyone!

Here are the ten contestants everyone wants to see compete in “All Stars.”


Since appearing on Season 5 of Drag Race, Alaska has really become her own. She’s a huge star already and doesn’t need to snatch a title to be relevant, but she’s just as good with her looks and comedy as she is on camera.


People were steady coming for Season Six contestant Laganja Estranja’s wig, but you know what? She was young and maybe a little immature, but she’s funny and I’m sure that her drag has gotten a lot better since the show. All Stars shouldn’t just be about the contestants who nearly won: it should be about the people who’ve developed into something new over the years.


What everyone loves about Latrice Royale is that she’s REAL. She’s warm, personable, and funny. And, hell, a big queen hasn’t won a season of Drag Race YET!


Shangela is one of my favourite comedy queens because she’s a professional comedian, not unlike Season 6 Winner Bianca Del Rio, but Shangela is a lot of fun and knows how to work it.


Ok, full disclosure: I didn’t really LOVE Willam on Season 5. I thought he was so annoying, self-absored, but then I realised that was his whole schtick. Drag Race isn’t just about having a look. You need to have a personality, something more than beautiful wigs and flawless conturing. Willam’s personality is no personality, and it’s fabulous lol.


Season 7 contestant Miss Fame is out of this world beautiful. Early on I thought she was definitely going to win. Her only problem on the show, though, was that she had absolutely no personality. Well, not NO personality, but that she just kind of felt flat a lot of the time. I’d still love to see her on the show, though, working some glam looks.


The wonder of drag is seeing something you’ve never seen before, and I’ve never seen a drag queen work the Russian Prostitute angle before. So, that’s new. C’mon, Communism!


I always liked Gia Gunn because I thought she was funny — maybe a bit too much in her head all the time, but she was definitely a funny queen. I’ll never forget when Adore Delano said one of her looks was nothing but “a hoola hoop with a pocket on it and she was REALLY living for herself, girl!” SHADE…


Alyssa Edwards is one of my favorite queens. I don’t love her for her looks or for her fashion. I love her because I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna say next! Of all the previous Drag Race contestants i think it’s fair to say that Alyssa Edwards will DEFINITELY be on the bill.

What about you? Who are you hoping to see on All Stars 2? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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