19 Things Hot Guys Do That Leave You Like “Damn”


1. Exist.

2. Have a special fragrance that’s uniquely his. It doesn’t need to be expensive but it does need to remind you of him so that every time you smell it he’s the first thing you think about.

3. Have red hair.

4. Slouch just a little bit in their chairs, but not so much in that annoying manspready was as a way to say “u want it so come and get it.” Gurl!

5. When they definitely know you’re staring and taking secret pictures of them on the subway but play it off like they don’t.

6. Every single time they touch you, like when someone hot is giving you your change back and his hands touch yours and you’re just like damn.

7. When he makes deep eye contact with you or stares at you for no reason in particular.

8. Hot guys are even hotter when they’re just chilling out and lounging around in their pajamas. It’s intimate because not many people get to see them like this. But you do.

9. Be an artist/musician/someone with a performative talent. When you watch him perform it’s like, woah, that thing came out of you?

10. There’s nothing better than when a hot guy hugs you, like really hugs you, and pulls you tight towards him. A preview of what’s to cum.

11. Hot guys who know their way around a kitchen are really amazing.

12. Can I get an AMEN for hot guys who roll their sleeves up? Yes GOD. It’s hot because it shows that either they mean business or that they’re relaxed and ready to let loose.

13. It’s a known fact that guys who are slightly sweaty and just in from a run are at the pinnacle of hotness.

14. Have a cool accent that’s different from your own. Nothing like a hot guy from a foreign land!

15. Why are hot guys even hotter when they play with animals?

16. When he lifts his shirt or stretches a bit and you can see his underwear line and the little hairs that are peaking out from his underwear.

17. If he’s straight and you’re gay it’s really hot when he kisses you on the cheek to say hello. Though actually it’s kind of mean, too, because it’s like lol you can’t have this but I know u want it.

18. Be hot while also slightly geeky.

19. But looks aren’t everything. A hot guy is even hotter when he can talk to you about politics, culture, things of meaning. A hot guy is even hotter when he’s witty and funny and knows his way around language. Brains make everyone sexy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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